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Some pigs have a lot to say. Like Wilbur, I've found a way to make my voice heard. Stay tuned ...

Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm Finding My Voice

I'm starting to like this house. I think I can call it home now. The man really likes me. The small one keeps trying to talk to me, but all he says is, "why? why? why?" I'm not certain what that means.

The woman is keeping her distance. She likes all the other animals. She doesn't seem to like my bathroom. I like my bathroom. I don't like going outside ... it's sooo ... unsanitanitary. You know ... dirty ... out there. There are bugs and things. Ick.

I loved meeting everyone today. It really made me feel like I was a part of the family. I wasn't sure at first. The man had to leave me in the truck for a while and explain things to the woman. She wasn't happy. She still looks at me funny. I've heard that there are people who think it's funny that I'm a pet.

Then I heard that some people actually EAT pigs. I wanted to hide in the closet for days when I heard that news. What will become of me? Will these people eat me? I was worried about this barbeque? But it turned out alright.